Deciding on a cooling system

After years of searching for a home that exactly matched my wife and my specifications, we decided to have a new house built.

I was a little nervous about having our house built- especially with the way some of these construction companies try to cut corners- but we found a trustworthy construction company with a great reputation and a fair price.

Now we’re at the point where we are looking at the different HVAC options for our home. Since it is electric, we’re sticking with a standard electric furnace for heating. I don’t want to make things too complicated. I am, however, intrigued by the variety of cooling options that are available these days. My wife and I started talking with one of the home comfort businesses here in town and they were telling us about the advancements to your classic central air conditioning unit, heat pumps (air conditioners that also pump heat), and ductless multi split air conditioning. That last one, I had never heard of before in my entire life. The cooling expert explained to us that multi split air conditioning lasts a lifetime, is quiet, is sleeker, looks more modern and (as the name implies) is ductless, so you don’t have to worry about ductwork cleaning of your central air conditioner. I was sold. My wife was sold too. Multi split air conditioning is a little pricier than your standard central air conditioner, but it’s a ductless, lifetime solution! The installation is scheduled for next week and we cannot wait to try out our new central air conditioning!

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