Helping a buddy build his office space, need commercial HVAC

I’ve been an HVAC technician for several years now.

One of the “perks” to being an HVAC technician is that you’ve always got a friend wanting to know if you can give their air conditioner a tune-up (as a favor, of course.

Never paid). Well, except for the buddy I’m helping out right now. He’s having some office spaces built for his business and he wanted to hire me to work out his central air conditioning and heating. I couldn’t believe it; a paid position from a friend! The only thing is, I mostly work on residential HVAC. Sure, I know how to work on commercial HVAC systems (they’re basically residential HVAC systems, just bigger) but I don’t have any of the equipment necessary for commercial HVAC projects. I wanted the contract, but I wasn’t sure what to do. I started looking for commercial HVAC for sale just to see what was out there. When I searched “commercial HVAC for sale”, I actually found a lot of great solutions for the office space that my friend was building. I took these commercial HVAC options to him and ran him through some of the differences, strengths and weaknesses of each one. After he made his decision, I ordered the parts. I’m waiting for the commercial HVAC parts now. Unfortunately, with all of this coronavirus stuff, all of the shipping dates for commercial and residential HVAC system parts have been pushed back until the end of the month. Once the HVAC equipment arrives, I’ll be glad to get everything installed and ready to go for my friend.
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