HVAC system helps remove mold spores

Most of us want to live a healthy lifestyle.

Then, there is the commitment to actively living a healthy lifestyle.

I have always been in the “wanting to” group as I sit on the couch soaking up the HVAC system after work. But it’s a lot harder to commit to then it looks. I still find it so hard to honestly and fully commit to a healthy lifestyle. The exercise is about the only consistent thing that I do. And by that I mean getting up to get fast food nearby, I’m by no means a gym rat. However, now that I am in our fifties, I have to step up my game. No more 2 beers before dinner on weeknights. That has to go, I hate it but, it’s true. My diet has to honestly get vegetables. I should have at least one green per dinner. I’m also going to have to make an effort to get on the dusty treadmill my wife bought years ago. But, it’s nice to know that our HVAC is actively laboring to ensure our immune and overall health. It does this basically automatically. I didn’t even know this until I read an article about indoor air quality and your health. It was pretty wild to realize how much the HVAC can impact the immune system. Perhaps the most important aspect is the one that happens every time you turn on the HVAC unit. If the home is warm, your heating and cooling system definitely starts the cooling process by removing heat. With that heat goes a whole lot of humidity. That keeps mold spores from getting a hold in the home. Mold is one of the worst things to have in your home.



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