Attempting to live a healthier lifestyle

Most of us want to live a healthy lifestyle.

Then, of course there is the commitment to actively living a healthy lifestyle.

I have always been in the “wanting to” group as I sit on the couch soaking up the air conditioning system and watching TV. It’s not that I am completely out of shape. But, I still find it incredibly difficult to do anything but lay around. The exercise is about the only consistent thing that I do, and my version of exercising is more walking around my house. I’m obviously by no means a gym rat. But, now that I am in my sixties, I have to step up my game. No more 4 beers before brunch on weeknights. I’ve got to get rid of all of these bad habits. My diet has to entirely get more green. Like everyday and eating green on my plate at each meal. I will have to make the effort to get on the bicycle machine my husband bought numerous years ago. But, it’s nice to know that our HVAC component is actively working to ensure our immune system and good overall health. It does this basically automatically. I didn’t even know this until I learned an article about indoor air conditions affects your health. It was pretty cool to realize how much the HVAC system can impact the immune system. Perhaps the most pressing aspect is the one that happens every time you turn on the heating plus A/C. If the apartment is warm, the heating plus air conditioning absolutely starts the cooling process by removing heat. With that heat goes a whole lot of humidity. That keeps mold spores from getting a hold in the home. Mold is just one of the worst things for our immune system.


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