HVAC Repair or Upgrade Can Improve Health

I don’t suppose we have thought about our health more than during these trying times.

  • There is nothing like an epidemic to make you stop and consider your health.

I have had a whole lot of time on our hands while I’ve been enjoying life here in our Heating and A/C controlled house. The extra time has resulted in our really considering how I can make both mine and our family’s health more favorable. Those who are struggling tremendously with this virus are those who have immune systems that are not top of the line. While I understand how that happens, I also comprehend that there are plenty of things every one of us can do to help our immune health. Certainly, instead of returning from work and plopping down in the Heating and A/C comfort of our home, I could get up and move. Exercise is a huge area of immune health. Eating good foods and getting enough rest is also so important to your overall health and immunity. However, indoor air pollen levels are also directly linked to immune health. The EPA has designated bad indoor air pollen levels as one of the most dangerous environmental health hazards there is. That really caught our eye, so I decided that I would get proactive about increasing that. I did purchase a much better Heating and A/C air filter. The cheap 1s I have bought in the past are nothing compared to the HEPA type air filter. These air filters trap and remove the vast majority of the most hazardous air contaminants in our home. The result is good indoor air quality that isn’t harming your immune system.