No AC on the island

I recently took a job in a new country.

This place is unlike any place I have ever lived.

There are people outside all the time, and no one seems to be in a rush, Island time is a real thing here, it seems. I am enjoying my new job and my new life. I have noticed a few things that are much different than life back home. For one, there is rarely an air conditioner anywhere. Not one building I have looked at to live in has an air conditioner. Heating is not an issue, because the weather rarely drops below 80 degrees. At night, an air conditioner would be nice, but honestly, it is not necessary. The trade winds blowing off of the ocean cool the town down at night. Most people drive scooters or mopeds. There are a few taxies on the island reserved for paying tourists. I only know that these cars have AC because I was in one on my way to work recently. My scooter was broken down and my bike was stolen. It had been a while since I had been in a car or a house with AC, so the refreshing cold air on my face was nice on the way to work. That evening, my friend offered to drop me off back at my house. I declined and called a taxi. I wanted to sit in the AC for as long as I could, and this was just the excuse to do so. Upon arriving back at my house, I began to feel homesick for AC.



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