Quick A/C repair in my car

I told him I would be there tomorrow to drop off my car

Last summer, I had a concern with the A/C in my car. I finally took it to a location car A/C repair shop as well as they were able to repair the problem, then the quick repair was cheap as well as lasted nearly a year. This week, I noticed that the a/c seemed to be doing the same thing! The strangest part is that the vents blow freezing air from the passenger as well as back seats. The driver side vents are the only vents in the car that blow boiling air. It is a strange thing, but I guess of an A/C repair shop that might be able to help. This week, on my lunch break, I called the A/C repair shop as well as asked them to problemshoot over the iphone. Of course, the grumpy old guy on the other end of the iphone did not prefer that. I explained the situation as well as he said “well, without a crystal ball, I cannot tell you if it will labor again.” I asked about their shop minutes as well as if I could drop the car off in the day. He was rushing myself and others off the iphone, prefer he had some a/cs to repair, or something, but usually, I would not provide business to a company with such exhausting client service, but I guess that he was entirely just miserable at the weather. It had been raining all day! Plus, I don’t assume there are any other automotive A/C repair shops in my section that would be able to repair the A/C in my car so swiftly, as well as for only $68. I told him I would be there tomorrow to drop off my car. His response to this was “the earlier the better!”. I kind of hate this guy, but I hate dripping with sweat while driving my car even more.



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