Sweating in my automobile must end

I hate more than anything, being tepid in my toil clothes.

  • My supplier requires a particular dress code and I am not one to bend the rules too much when it comes to dress codes; Recently, the a/c in my automobile stopped working and has been causing myself and others to become angry on my drives to work.

I knew I would not be able to afford a new automobile at this point, and I knew that I needed to have the A/C repaired in my car. I kept thinking about how it would fall soon and the sweaty afternoons and evenings would end. However, this was not the case. The Summer seems to last forever in the region in which I live. I could not believe that I had not noticed this before. The only other time in my life where I was this tepid while driving was when I was living in another country and had to drive a moped to and from work. My task there was different. There was not a dress code that could be ruined by perspiring in a tepid automobile before work. I was comfortable showing up to my task in shorts and a tank top. That is what everyone there did. All of us were all tepid and there was no a/c somewhere. It was normal to be perspiring everywhere where I lived and worked before. If you were not at work, you were on the beach. That was just the way of life. There were no complaints about a/cs in homes, either. People did not think the need for A/C when the ocean breeze is as nice and as cool as it was on the island.

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