Having central air conditioning was quite nice

Having central air conditioning was quite nice.

My husband and I went on a romantic getaway a few weeks ago, and I miss it so much already.

I didn’t want to leave to be honest. I love our life and our home, but the place that we vacationed was so dreamy. I absolutely loved it, and I hope we can go again someday. We had our own beach house and private beach. It was in the most beautiful location with palm trees everywhere. It was what I picture paradise to be like. We stayed for two full weeks, and we were spoiled. We don’t have central air conditioning in our house, so we have to use window air conditioning units. I don’t mean to complain because I truly am thankful that we have any sort of air conditioning, but window air conditioning units just don’t compare to central air conditioning. The beach house that we stayed in had central air conditioning. It was so nice to have the entire place cool all of the time. With window air conditioning units, they really only keep certain parts of the house cool. We have one window air conditioning unit in the living room, and we have a second one in our bedroom. The one in the living room keeps just the living room cool, and the one in our bedroom keeps the bedroom and part of the upstairs cool. The rest of the house is quite warm all summer long. I love central air conditioning because you never have that problem. Everywhere you go is nice and air-conditioned.


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