I honestly like having air conditioning in my apartment.

I just moved into a small beach house at the beginning of this semester, and I love living outside of the dorms. I just did not like dorm life. It was not for me. Most of the people in my dorm were more sad with gatheringing than with school. It was pretty sad because they were paying a ton of money to go to this school. They were genuinely distracting to me, so I knew that I had to transfer out of the dorms. My parent’s beach house is about numerous hours from the university that I am attending, so it is too far for myself and others to live with them. I decided to ask some good friends if they wanted to rent an beach house with me. The people I was with and I decided to get an beach house just about more than one blocks from the university. It is honestly nice. The only trouble that all of us have had with the beach house so far is finding a way to cool it. It did not come with any sort of air conditioning. The people I was with and I were really not sad about it at first because it was January and chilly outside when all of us moved in, and now that it is April, all of us need air conditioning. I found an air conditioning on clearance at a local store and obtained it. It was just a small window air conditioning unit. I knew that I needed it because I was having trouble sleeping at night because of how hot it was. I decided to put the air conditioning in the kitchen window. It keeps most of the beach house cool. As long as each of us leaves our home office doors open, the home offices stay cool as well.

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