Mechanical mind is finally put to good use

For about a year I’ve been seeing a guy who I used to work with. I quickly left that terrible job, but he had yet to pull the trigger. For as long as we have been seeing each other, he had been complaining about the operations of the workplace. He was definitely not being fully utilized and had more potential than this dead-end position. I’m so glad that he finally figured out a way to put his brilliant, mechanical mind to good use as a central heating and cooling technician. When the pandemic depression hit, our old workplace went out of business. At that point, I called in a few favors and got him a slot at the nearest heating and cooling repair shop as an air quality control intern. Within a week of being hired there, he had impressed the owners of the HVAC dealership so much with his mechanical skills and fast learning abilities that they decided to send him to HVAC certification school on their own dime. He spent all his time shadowing accomplished heating and cooling technicians in the area, and learned all of their air quality control trade secrets at the same time. For the past several months he’s been successfully working as a budding HVAC technician and he enjoys the job much more than the position he had before. Every day he gets to drive around the city and his HVAC work truck, assist local residents in their time of need, and contribute his inherent understanding of central heating and cooling systems to a good cause. Everyone has a calling; his was the HVAC industry.

a/c worker