Is this even camping? Friends brought own A/C and generator

I have to admit, I am a newbie when it comes to camping; When I was growing up our mom refused to ever take us camping because she did not enjoy the interest herself… She was convinced that it would be freezing cold, raining, and dangerous every time the two of us brought up the idea! Because she is so aversive to frigid weather, damp air, and the smell of campfires I entirely did not have several experiences outdoors growing up.

That’s why, I am trying to make up for it as an adult. When our friends asked if I wanted to go camping the other weekend I immediately signed up. I was so happy to absolutely give outdoor residing a chance, and I was distraught that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the more experienced campers. Well, now I am wondering if bringing your own a/c method and personal electricity generator even entirely counts as camping. When the two of us arrived at the campsite, I was shocked as our friend started unloading a bunch of indoor air handling devices from the vehicle. At first, I thought that a small space gas furnace was easily a fine idea. But then, they pulled out the full-size a/c unit. I asked how on Earth that powerful cooling method was going to work, and they casually replied that they bought a gas-powered generator, but for the rest of the evening, their big cooling method drowned out the sound of the good outdoors. I am sure they were drastically comfortable in their tent with advanced air quality control, however I did not guess that indoor temperature control was the point of camping. Am I the camping newbie, or are they?

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