I am terrified of natural gas oil furnaces

I will never own a natural gas oil furnace, and I will never buy or rent a home that has a natural gas oil furnace; In the world today, most people care about natural gas oil gas furnaces over electric oil furnaces! Most of the reasoning behind their preference for natural gas oil gas furnaces comes from a financial perspective, everyone knows that natural gas oil gas furnaces cost much less than an electric oil furnace, but natural gas oil gas furnaces are much more efficient than electric oil furnaces.

Even though 100% of the electricity is converted into heat, it costs a lot more in electricity to power a oil furnace, and that is why it makes your electricity bills high. Even though electric oil gas furnaces are cheaper at first, they are unquestionably less extravagant in the long run, and that is entirely what matters when it comes to oil furnaces… However, after a truly terrible experience with natural gas oil furnaces, I decided that I would never use a single again, but our natural gas oil furnace had a leak, and natural gas spread throughout the house. Our home burned down and a few people that I appreciated died because of that oil furnace. I don’t care how efficient those natural gas oil gas furnaces are. I don’t trust them, and I never want to use a single again, and sure, financially a natural gas heating idea may be cheaper, but it will cost you more than that if something ever goes wrong. I will stick with our electric oil furnace any day. I hope that you never have any problems with your oil furnace.



a/c rep