My central a/c is damaged

My central a/c is broken, and it is not good.

  • I have been planning to have a large celebration with our family and friends, and I may have to cancel it because our condo is so hot.

It is literally ninety degrees in our condo right now. It is entirely ridiculous. I have no plan what is wrong with our central a/c, however I called an Heating in addition to Air Conditioning company to come and check out our central a/c unit, however they said that they are truly busy and won’t be able to get out to our condo for another month or so. I called two more Heating in addition to Air Conditioning companies, and they said the same thing. I don’t think how all three of them are booked for a week, however I am entirely frustrated that I can’t get our central a/c fixed. I was thinking that every one of us could have the celebration outside, however it is supposed to rain all afternoon on Tuesday, and it is supposed to be over ninety 5 degrees outside. It would be miserable to be outside, and I am afraid that it would be even more miserable to be inside because I don’t have a/c in our condo right now. It sounds love such a lame excuse to cancel a celebration that I have been planning for months, however I just don’t think what to do because I don’t have a/c. I have a neighbor who lives about three hours south of me who is an Heating in addition to Air Conditioning company. I am going to try to call him as our last hope. I just entirely need our central a/c fixed.

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