I am not the HVAC company.

I had someone call my cell phone the other day, and they asked to speak to an HVAC technician. I knew the man was elderly just by his voice. I explained that he had called the wrong number and apologized while hanging up. Five minutes later, the same voice called and asked to speak to an HVAC technician. Before I could speak, he started to tell me that his wife was sick, and they needed to have their air conditioning fixed. I apologized and told him that he had a wrong number. I was just a person and not the HVAC company. I hung up, but I had even put the phone down before it rang again. The same voice answered and asked me not to hang up. He said the air conditioner was broken, his wife was sick and he couldn’t get the HVAC company. I was the only person who answered him. I asked him if he knew the HVAC company name and he said no. I told him I would call him right back. I called my husband, who works for an HVAC company. I asked him if he was busy and he told me he was free. I told him about the phone calls from the old man. I gave him the phone number, and he called him back. An hour later, my phone rang again. The old man was thanking me for sending an HVAC technician to his house. He said if I wasn’t an HVAC company, I should be. He got better service from than he ever did from his own HVAC company.


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