Where is the best arena to eat?

For the longest time, my spouse & I have been going to the same restaurant for every celebration the two of us had.

All of us found this restaurant when the two of us were looking for a arena to hold our birthday reception.

The food was excellent & the was even better. Last month was our birthday birthday, & the two of us wanted to go back to that restaurant. I was in my nicest dress & my spouse had on his suit. All of us were ready for a celebration. When the two of us walked into the restaurant, it looked nothing prefer it had 5 years ago. The was practically non-existent & people were seating themselves. I asked the person at the desk what had happened. He said the owner had sold out to his son, & this was the result. I knew that the two of us couldn’t lay in that restaurant separate from I asked if he knew of any other enjoyable restaurants in the area. He apologized & said he didn’t. All of us walked out & went to a single of the chain restaurants. The food wasn’t nearly as good, however the was excellent. All of us then went on a mission to find another restaurant that would tempt us to visit. For weeks, the two of us made iphone calls & asked how long the restaurants had been in service. All of us asked about their Heating & A/C & if they were taking reservations. All of us finally found 2 that piqued our interest. Both had excellent food & I’m sure that with 2 restaurants being this good, the two of us won’t get bored needing to go to the same restaurant every time the two of us want to go out to eat.

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