Dirty ductwork makes me think I’m getting sick

I haven’t been feeling the best lately And I was starting to wonder if I might have the coronavirus.

I’ve had this persistent, dry cough.

I’ve also been having really bad headaches. However, whenever I take my temperature, it’s completely normal. I also have not been getting any sicker. I feel, more or less, the same every day. But recently, I have noticed that I feel less sick when I’m not at work. So I was starting to wonder if it was psychological. But on Tuesday, they had HVAC technicians out working on the air conditioning and heating systems for the office. The technicians were cleaning the duct work out really good. I’m sure they were doing other things too but my attention was on all of the dust and debris they were getting out of the ductwork. That got me wondering if that dust was the cause of my symptoms. All of that dust can’t be healthy to breathe in. I decided to just wait and see how I felt over the next coming days and weeks. Well it’s Thursday today and I can tell you that I’m already feeling much better. My cough has almost completely stopped. And my headaches are much milder. I’m betting that both issues completely go away within a week. I’m really happy that the cause of my sickness has been resolved. But I’m also annoyed that it took so long for my office to clean out their ductwork system. I’m wondering if I can sue them for causing me to have such bad allergies.


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