I wish that I wouldn’t have taken this HVAC course

I wish that I wouldn’t have taken this HVAC course that is being provided at our local public school, then apparently, I should have done our homework before signing up for the HVAC course… I thought that the HVAC course would be easy.

I have already been taking all of the normal classes, plus I was tasked with picking an extra class for myself. I recognized a lot of classes, although I had heard about the HVAC course. I knew that the HVAC course would take us through a lot of theory plus facts about HVAC units plus the HVAC industry, plus I also knew that they would teach us a bunch of basic HVAC repairs, however still, I thought that it would be a rather easy course, and however, every one of us are not HVAC workers, plus I figured that they couldn’t make the HVAC course too hard. However, I suddenly realized that I was wrong, then this HVAC course is perfect for someone who wants to know what the HVAC field is about, then while taking the HVAC course, I l gained that HVAC work is truly difficult. I had to learn so much, plus our HVAC homework was truly difficult. I was looking for an easy class to relax in, although I found that the HVAC course was truly a single of our hardest classes. I regret taking this HVAC course, although I truly do not want to quit now. I also am truly sure that I do not want to become an HVAC worker when I am older. I know that I truly would not love being an HVAC worker.


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