Let your HVAC improve your health

I am not really enjoying myself right now.

Change has come to my life in a big way and I’m not doing all that well with it.

The big change I am enduring has to do with my health. Fortunately, I’m not talking about having to face a major health problem or anything like that. No, I am dealing with having to finally commit to all facets of improving my health. The days of slipping onto the couch after work to swill 4 or 5 beers are completely over. That wonderful time in the HVAC with my remote and my suds are nothing more than fond memories at this point. My age has crept to a point where I either get healthy and lead the life I want to. Or, I keep going the way I’m going and watch my physical being crumble before heading to an early grave. One of the areas that has been an easy change is how the HVAC in my home effects my health. I work from home so, I would say that I am inside breathing the air about 90 percent of my time. That means that I have to have good indoor air quality. The place where that starts is the HVAC. I want to get a whole house air purifier. Those things actively kill the airborne contaminants in the air. But, I don’t quite have the money. Therefore, I went with a HEPA type HVAC air filter. This has drastically improved our indoor air quality by trapping over 99 percent of the stuff that chips away at our immune health.


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