Getting my HVAC repaired properly by professionals

The word professional gets thrown around a lot these days.

That’s fine I guess.

It’s just that it sort of takes away a bit from a more descriptive connotation of the word professional. Being a professional now means that what ever you do for a living is considered a profession. Again, I’m not super freaked out by that if it makes people feel better about themselves. However, a professional, from my perspective, has a lot more to do with expertise and commitment. I don’t think you have to be a lawyer, a doctor or an architect to be considered a professional. Not by a long shot. One of the most professional people I know spends his time performing HVAC repair. I consider that person a professional. I think it has to do with the fact that there is so much that goes into being a certified and licensed HVAC technician. These people make a serious commitment and have a passion for what they are doing. The educational component is initially very intense and continues throughout their careers. Then, there is all the training that comes from working alongside senior HVAC techs. That’s what I consider earning a professional standard. I know all this because I once didn’t pay any attention to our HVAC. I figured it just ran and when it didn’t, I’d find a shade tree mechanic to fix it. That’s exactly what I did. But I only did it once. That non licensed person who attempted to repair my HVAC did nothing more than ruin it. And, I was left holding the bag for the replacement as that dude wasn’t insured and did not guarantee his work. That experience endeared me to the HVAC professional.

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