Stick to the HVAC to guide you to the best lodging

Traveling has always been something that I have embraced and wholeheartedly enjoyed.

It started as a young kid because my old man was a pilot for a major airline.

Starting out so young made traveling feel like just another part of our day. That was when air travel was such a pleasure. The seats were roomy, the HVAC was just right and the whole experience had a semi regal feel to it. Now, I feel like I am in a sweaty metal tube without any real HVAC. So now, travel for us means road trips and staying the night in hotels along the way. Actually, I have grown very fond of the road trip. I like the fact that I can control the HVAC so the car ride is pleasant. My family is awesome so it really works for us to go down the road together. There aren’t too many rules. We all share the load now that one son can drive. We don’t have to quibble over the HVAC setting as our small SUV has independent HVAC zones that are controlled separately. However, one hard and fast rule is that we stop for the night after 8 hours on the road. That is the max for driving we have found. Our lodging choice comes down to HVAC method. We stick to brands that offer the HVAC that you can see sticking out of the room from the parking lot. Our experience is that these HVAC units will never let you down. I love going into a room knowing that I am not going to spend an uncomfortable night because the HVAC is not up to the task. The free breakfast in the morning doesn’t much hurt either.

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