Without her, I would be doomed

There is no doubt that I genuinely lucked out back in highschool when I met my wife.

I knew that I just didn’t want to spend another single hour without her, so it was genuinely easy to get down and ask her to marry me.

She is just a complete original which keeps me on my toes every single morning. Every one of us built a beautiful life together over all these years together. And, I have consistently been absolutely aware of all that she has a great deal to add. My wife is able to recognize things in such an odd way than most other people I know. Her ability to consistently be right on about things still amazes me to this afternoon. That also goes for everyday things such as our Heating and A/C issues. It pays to listen to what she has to offer. The other day, she proposed that we renovate our home to be more clean and comfortable. Every one of us had a look around and decided that the modern home we had was too nice to be a storage locker. After taking a few afternoons and clearing out what both of us could and using the rest to actually decorate the place, both of us had to finally buckle down and address the Heating and A/C situation. I wanted to just put a single piece of window Heating and A/C equipment in there and be done with it after that. But a few afternoons later, my amazing wife came to me with some research she had done on her own about ductless Heating and A/C. Once again, she successfully showed me a better way to do something.

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