There are Heating and A/C savings to be had

Not too numerous years ago, I guess someone in my family gave me a temperature gun for my birthday or Christmas or something.

It is really just a handheld equipment that allows you to get the real time temperature of any flat surface simply by pointing the gun at it from up to 50 feet away.

While pretty cool and all, I didn’t have any good need for it. So, I finally ended up putting it in a drawer in my workshop and forgetting about it. Then about a single month ago, I saw something on cable about how much energy both of us supposedly are wasting by allowing Heating and A/C treated air to quickly leak out of our house. This genuinely caught my eye for more than one reason, of course. The first was that both of us were going into our full Winter season in our home. The next reason had to do with currency. I was always over paying such a premium in the Winter season to heat our modern home, plus that was without it being all that comfortable. So when I saw the thing about properly sealing up the house, I thought of the temp gun. Fortunately, I had been smart enough to have put it somewhere I could find it and decided to finally get it out and put it to good use. One fall night when the gas furnace had kicked on at full blast, I went outside to see what I could find. I was shocked with the air temperature result. The modern home was literally oozing Heating and A/C treated boiling air. Finally, I can say our modern home is harshly cozy and the utility bill is much more adequate.


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