I will stick with professional HVAC repair thank you

I’m just not all that into taking chances.

It could be a reaction to the way my parents were.

My folks are what one might call super adventurous hippies. And that is so not a knock on them. Both my mom and dad were just incredible people and took parenting very seriously. They included my sister and I in their many moves to follow adventure. Calling them spontaneous would be like saying the sun can be bright and cause people to seek HVAC comfort. The way we led our lives was really something. But, I also saw how hard it could be on them financially to provide for themselves and us. I still am full of all that love they instilled in my but, I am a bit more calculated, strategic and careful in the way I live my life. This is probably why I looked at my friend as though he was crazy a few days ago. The HVAC was not working right and I was outside looking at the HVAC cabinet to see if I could notice anything. My buddy who lives in the neighborhood came over to see what was up. I told him about the HVAC and how it wasn’t right. First thing he says is that he knows a guy that will charge far less than the HVAC professionals to fix it. I understand the guy was just trying to do me a favor. But, there is no way that I would hire an unlicensed person to work on my HVAC unit. I think it sort of offended him that I took HVAC professionals to be the only solution for me. But, that is what it is because I wouldn’t risk our HVAC comfort to some guy.


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