Are those gym transformation pictures real?

All of the information, guidance and training is a bit overwhelming but super helpful

My mother recently signed up for a gym membership. Since then, she has been posting her gym transformation photos on social media. I was super surprised by the results. She’s gone from a slightly plump 54 year old to a woman who looks younger than I do. My mom has always been rather technologically advanced and I started thinking that maybe she was using photo editing software or filters. I couldn’t believe she’d made such a difference in her body, skin and overall appearance from exercise. I just couldn’t believe that my mom looked that amazing after only a few months of watching her diet and working out at the gym a little bit. I went home for a visit at Thanksgiving. My mother looks absolutely amazing. She is a whole new person. Those gym transformation photos barely did her justice. She not only looks fabulous but she has so much more energy now. She’s started riding her bike everywhere, taking long hikes and bought herself a kayak. My mom’s new look made me more aware of my own lack of fitness. I have not worked out as often as I should and I haven’t been careful about what I eat. Too often I grabe drive thru on the way home from work. I could stand to lose at least fifteen pounds. I can’t have my mom looking so much better than I do. I decided to join a local gym and signe up with a personal trainer to get motivated. I was thankful to learn that the gym also provides nutritional counseling. I signed up for that as well. All of the information, guidance and training is a bit overwhelming but super helpful. I am determined to achieve my goals. My mom is really encouraging and keeps me going.