Grandma has a gym membership

I was surprised to find out that my Grandmother has a gym membership.

She doesn’t look as if she works out regularly, but she told me she always has.

Every Saturday and Thursday, she heads to the gym and lifts weights and works out with a personal trainer. Then, on Mondays, she attends a yoga class. Grandma explained that she signed up for a gym membership after she broke her hip a couple of years ago. She enrolled in prescribed physical therapy and the physical therapist recommended that she make use of a local gym. Grandma said that the accident with her hip was probably the best thing that ever happened to her. She now feels stronger and more fit now than she did 20 years ago. The physical therapy convinced her to work her legs as well as her hips. Grandma wanted to improve her core strength and balance so she paid for the gym membership and signed up with one of their personal trainers. Since then, she has kept working out. She explained that physical activity is really good for older people because it helps to keep their bones and muscles strong. I didn’t realize that bone strength was related to muscle strength. Apparently the heavier the muscles, the heavier the bones as well. This is because the muscles require the bones as leverage in order to operate. So the more muscle tone an older woman has, the more dense their bones will be. This means that the bones are less likely to fracture or break. That makes quite a bit of sense. I’m so proud of my Grandma for working out and keeping so fit at her age. It’s even better that she feels so good.

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