Nutritional counseling helps with allergies

I’ve been having a lot of stomach issues for the past five years.

My doctor has ruled out a long list of possibilities. Finally, she ordered a bunch of dust sensitivity tests for me. I found out thatI’m allergic to quite a few things. I have started breaking out due to foods that I’m allergic to along with my stomach problems. I’m now worried that I’m not getting enough of the right sorts of nutrients. The food’s I’m eating now because of my allergies are not what I would call healthy. My doctor recommended I see a nutritionist in order to get a better grasp on what foods I can and can’t eat. I went ahead and signed up with a nutritional counselor. I told him all about my many dietary restrictions and he developed a nutritional program for me. I’m surprised at all of the things that I am able to eat. Although I have needed to cut out a lot of foods that I’m accustomed to eating, I can stay healthy. I am not forced to keep subsiding on crackers and ginger ale for the rest of my life. The nutritional counselor suggested a whole list of unusual foods. I tried sushi last night. I know to stay away from the dipping sauces but I can eat the sushi. I would never have thought of this option. I can still eat steak and chicken but I am very careful about the seasonings. I’m feeling a lot less unhappy now. I am thrilled that the nutritional counseling has helped me to get the right amount of vitamins and minerals in my diet naturally. I can create proper meals and eat things that taste good. I’m going to become a much healthier person thanks to these food allergies.

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