Gym locker room is smelly and dirty

The locker room in my gym is not pleasant.

The gym is always kept nice and clean.

They have all the latest workout equipment as well as a state-of-the-art heating and air conditioning system. The gym doesn’t have an unpleasant smell and everything is always neat and tidy. After I’m done working out, I am always reluctant to go to the locker room. I am not sure of the condition of the women’s locker room but the men’s locker room is really awful. The odor is foul. I am suspicious this is because the locker room is located right beside the sauna! The showers in the men’s locker room add to the humidity level and there is mold growing in the corners. There’s not enough air conditioning or heating vents in the locker room. The area is typically overheated and clammy. I wish I’d checked out the men’s locker room prior signing up for a year’s membership at this gym. It just didn’t occur to me. I just toured the workout area and checked out the equipment selection. I was impressed that the gym includes nutritional counseling and offers a bunch of classes, such as Crossfit, yoga, pilates and spin. I signed up for the yearly plan and paid for the entire year up front. I saved some money by prepaying. So now I’m committed to this particular gym with the smelly locker room. I’m stuck with it for another six weeks. The locker room is so unpleasant that I regularly skip my shower and just drive home all sweaty. I do not want to throw away my last few weeks worth of my gym membership and find a different gym.

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