Our kitten loves the air conditioning

We recently got this absolutely awesome kitten.

  • We have a laser pointer plus the kitten likes to go chasing after the laser dot, and he will go chasing that laser for as long as you will play the game with him.

He gets absolutely exhausted though when he’s running all over the locale, so he likes to take a rest every so often. When he goes to rest, he will usually head over to the heating plus air conditioning vent when the air conditioner cranks on. He is an absolutely smart dog because he knows the A/C will cool him down plus help him reclaim more abruptly so he can go chase the laser around some more. We appreciated seeing him relax next to the heating plus air conditioning vent so much that every one of us decided to name him ‘AC’ because he enjoys the A/C so much; this is especially true during the afternoons when it’s absolutely tepid outside. We set up his kitty tree right beneath a heating plus air conditioning vent on the ceiling, plus he likes to just relax there as the A/C blows down on him. He also likes to just stare out the window so he can watch the people plus cars go by. He gets absolutely excited when he sees birds outside hopping around in the grass and also looking for worms or insects. We realize he would genuinely love to go outside, but every one of us wants him to remain an indoor cat. We would be devastated if ‘AC’ ever went out there plus got hit by a car; we’ve seen that happen too often in our area.


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