I’m looking hard for the problem

The other afternoon I was simply going about my normal corporation doing the dishes and taking care of some other small chores around the home when I began to start feeling freezing! I had somehow not noticed that it was getting slowly cooler in the home because I was in the middle of chores, but when I did then I went over to inspect the climate control unit! According to the control component it was 60 degrees inside but the furnace was set for 70 degrees. I tried flipping the switch off and on again, but that did not work. It was at this time that I realized that something was wrong with my central furnace. I went into the basement to inspect the furnace. Nothing looked out of place to me, so I decided to reset the igniter switch to see if that would help. I turned off the circuit breakers and switched the igniter switch off for several minutes as it says in the instruction manual. After several more minutes I switched the power back on and turned the furnace on at the climate control unit! Still nothing! Either the igniter was shot or something else was wrong. As I had not any clue of how to proceed from here I called an Heating plus A/C professional to take care of the problem. The Heating plus A/C corporation seemed impressed by the single thing I had done and told me I should look into a job as a Heating plus A/C dealer; He went through several tests and figured out that something was fried on the circuit board. That is something I would not have ever thought about checking out.