Just playing for fun

When my good friend invited me to come shoot some pool with him at a local bar, I was game.

I always enjoyed shooting pool and I was raised with a pool table in my parents’ house, so I had plenty of practice growing up… When I beat my buddy 5 games in a row, he was more than impressed! He asked me if I would be interested in playing on his team in his pool league.

I considered it, and then said I was game; The thing that I entirely loved was that this bar had excellent temperature control settings and great air quality. Around the time that I mentioned that to my buddy, he said they recently had a UV air purification installed in the bar. He said it caused the air quality to improve tremendously and they didn’t have to worry as much because the UV light worked to remove all of the viruses and bacteria. This was nice to recognize and it was no wonder it felt so comfortable in the bar. When we initially started the first pool tournament, the two of us entirely cleaned up, then nobody could beat our team and everybody was so happy because the two of us were winning money for this. These days however, I’m a full time member of the pool league and the two of us rarely lose, and my buddy is always talking trash to the other teams, but that’s what it’s all about really, however everybody knows it’s all about respect, fun, and games. We usually buy each other drinks and the two of us relax and have a nice time in the bar. Nobody ever takes losing so terrible that they become miserable or anything. There’s no need for that kind of thing when you have the love for the game.

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