I get better air circulation with the HVAC system in my new condominium

It was hard for me to come to terms with moving out of my old house.

Those four walls served me well for years and contain an abundance of memories.

Its history goes back even farther, having been my grandparents house for the last decade of their life. I took it over when my father inherited the property and he graciously let me live there after I finished graduate school. Before long, he had the property in my name on the deed and insurance paperwork. Knowing that, I found it hard to fathom a moment in the future where I’d consider selling the old house or moving for any reason that wasn’t life threatening. But a new job was forcing me into an adjacent city and the commute times on the highway were starting to wear into my soul. I caved and put the house up for sale, but the little I got for the property only gave me enough money for a condominium. It’s a downgrade in size from the house, but there’s something I would not have expected in a home this size. The air circulation in the ventilation for the central HVAC is fantastic. It drops the indoor temperature here in minutes even during the hottest times of the day. Since the duct work is small and there are only a few arms where the air leads, the cool air can move into each room much faster than it would in a house with longer vents. As a result, my electric bill is much lower in my new condo opposed to my old house. I still miss that property dearly, but I have slowly come to peace with losing it. At least it will get another round of use by its new owner and the old building can house even more memories.