Good Indoor Air Quality is a Must for Me

A few weeks ago I remember when people started heading back outside.

After months of social solitude as well as quarantine, people were allowed to leave their homes for the first time in months.

It was an extreme change for everybody as well as it seems like people could not wait to enjoy themselves in a public social setting. All of a sudden, the empty city streets were crammed full of human beings again. Personally, I wasn’t a single of those people who was prepared to risk my health as well as life to go eat at a local restaurant. I wanted to stay inside in the comfort as well as safety of our HVAc at home. I did not trust that the COVID-19 pandemic had genuinely been solved yet. I am now glad I felt this way, because it turns out that viral cases are decreasing everywhere. While other men and women were out drinking together, I have only made more advancements to our central heating as well as cooling program to make our indoor air quality even more good for me. I had a brand modern air purification program installed that works in cooperation with our normal central Heating and A/C system. It actually removes over 99% of airborne dust and debris and particles before they circulate through our indoor breathing air. Since I haven’t exposed our beach house to any potentially bad outdoor air, I imagine our indoor air has to be ultra-pure by now. I have been circulating the same high-quality indoor air for what seems like a lifetime now, with HEPA filters as well as UV light disinfection repeatedly distilling our breathing air for the optimal purity. Now that I’m hearing that COVID-19 cases are increasing in number as well as quarantining might be necessary again, I’m relieved. I certainly did not want to walk away from the amazing high quality air that I’ve carefully curated all quarantine.

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