Life Surprises are Welcome in my Life

Isn’t it so interesting how life can throw you curveballs from time to time? In our life, it seems like I would be better off to expect the unexpected! Just when I let go of something being an opportunity, everything suddenly goes kerflooey.

Recently, I had started to forfeit our system of becoming a certified Heating as well as Cooling serviceman.

I started looking online for tedious office jobs or contracted service positions that I could take instead. It seems perfectly clear that I was not wanting to attend the certified Heating as well as Cooling graduate program that I had applied to, as well as it was about the right occasion to let go of our air quality control pipe dream, and you see, quite a long time ago I applied to the most reputable local trade school within the tri-county region. I knew they had an 18-month professional Heating as well as Cooling serviceman certification courses, as well as banking on our admission to the air quality control specialist classes. When I never heard back from the school as well as our application to become a certified Heating and A/C serviceman went unanswered, I grew kind of heartbroken as well as began thinking of alternative careers. The day that I apply to become a salesman is the very same day that I received a text from the local trade school. The schools ended up having an unexpected opening in their Heating as well as Cooling certification program, as well as they were able to offer me a big scholarship to pursue our air quality control licensure. Now, our original dream of becoming an HVAC technician with their residential Heating and A/C installation as well as repair services is going to be . There’s no telling what is next going to happen, even though I guess that it will include good indoor air quality.
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