Spouse Aggravating Me with thermostat Gun

It’s no picnic to live in this post-pandemic world, because there still are not great control measures for staying away from potential sources of contamination.

These afternoons, I think a lot of people are still nervous about the chance of contracting the dangerous respiratory condition, but all of us haven’t improved our ways of knowing.

For a while, our hubby as well as I were were previously using a temperature gun before allowing clients into our mom as well as pop shop, then every one of us decided that body temperature wasn’t an excellent indicator of a potential source of COVID-19 detection, but it was the best tool that all of us had. Since our state re-closed, we are no longer using the temperature gun at the shop… But now our hubby has been incredibly interested in detecting temperatures around the house with all his spare time. No, he has not checked our forehead temperatures, thank goodness, in fact, he has become OCD about improving our indoor air temperature control program by searching for temperature discrepancies all over the inside of the house. Every day, he makes several laps around our house aiming temperature detecting guns all over every room. He says he is trying to locate temperature swings, including uneven hot as well as cold patches throughout our living space. After doing this indoors, he ventures to the outside of our house as well as begins searching for areas where the air is cool outside. At that point, he insists that he is looking for potential a/c leaks that might be happening near our windows as well as doors. He wants to put in new sealing around our beach house to keep any high quality indoor air locked inside, while also keeping our central Heating and A/C treated air inside. I guess that COVID is driving people a tiny beet cuckoo, but our hubby’s modern air temperature obsession is going to make us aggravated.

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