Enjoying the water park

Last week, we took our family to this big indoor waterpark about two hours away from our house. It’s been so hot outside lately that we didn’t want to spend any time outdoors at all. The temperatures have bee in the high 90s and I don’t like to go outside if it’s hotter than 80 degrees. The kids were all begging to go swimming somewhere and it was my daughter’s birthday, so we decided a trip to the waterpark would be part of her birthday present. When we got there and walked into the lobby, I was greeted by a blast of freezing cold air conditioned air. The lobby was absolutely freezing. I guess the thermostat for the main part of the building was trying to make up for the heat and burning temperatures outside by running the air conditioning inside almost constantly. We got all checked in and headed to our room and found that the hallways were stuffy and hot. I noticed that there were no air ventilation ducts anywhere in the hallways, which would explain the stuffiness. Once we got to our room, though, the temperature settings on the room thermostat seemed to be set just right. The air conditioning was running, but it wasn’t overwhelmingly cold like the air conditioning in the main lobby. We left the thermostat in the room set exactly how it was and headed out into the waterpark area. The waterpark section of the resort felt exactly like it did in the hallway of the hotel, all stuffy and overheated. I think maybe they kept it that way on purpose so that people wouldn’t get cold while they were swimming in there.

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