I couldn’t get out of bed before the purifier arrived

It’s certainly amazing how your environment can affect your entire life! For several years I was residing in the wrong locale as well as it messed with our mental health to a drastic degree.

Living in an industrialized, ugly town meant that I never could get time out in nature.

I never realized that this was something that I needed. After I resituated to a completely unusual state where I could be surrounded by nature all the time our life changed! Unblessedly, every year when the pollen bloom would roll around, our life would change again. Suddenly, I realized that I had poor indoor dust irritations that I was unaware of back in the city. When the outdoor air was yellow with pollen, our lungs completely shut down. My respiratory health got so bad that I was coughing as well as sneezing all afternoon long to the point of debilitation. My body effectively attacked itself with all of the airborne contaminants that it was trying to fight. For a few weeks of the year I couldn’t even get out of bed. That is, until I consulted with a heating as well as cooling professional who abruptly helped me to change our life, and he recommended that I install an air media purification system in our lake house which could work in tandem with our central heating as well as cooling system. I had never heard of air purification before as well as I absolutely never purchased a HEPA filter before in our life. Suddenly, I had advanced air quality control chugging along with our central cooling system every afternoon. The change in our indoor air conditions as well as our life was immediate. Suddenly, our dust irritations were not keeping me bedridden as well as I could undoubtedly live care about a normal human with our high quality indoor air. Now, I am glad to report that I have the perfect environment for all of our needs.


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