Sneaking around for more AC, then opening as well as closing vents.

Staying with family members can be severely difficult.

There are ancient family dynamics that never seem to go away as well as a lot of personal stressors that can entirely start grinding on your mental health. I definitely guess this better than anyone, because I come from an severely dysfunctional family with odd quirks. Their downside energy often feeds into mine, as well as I find myself in a bit of a mental health talespin well desperately trying to be a wonderful guest in their home. This is especially the case around my Grandma, who is a bit of a control freak. She entirely refuses to utilize her central cooling system, for starters. No matter how hot it is, she barely turns on the indoor air handling device because she’s convinced that it is spreading diseases through her home, however when I asked if she’s had a central Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C specialist inspect her heating as well as cooling devices, she takes it personally. Instead of upgrading her air filter or installing an air purification device to reduce her anxiety about indoor air handling equipment, she wants to keep the air conditioning equipment power down as often as possible. This means, I’m typically sneaking around trying to funnel more AC into my home office so that I can be comfortable. I find myself creeping into unoccupied rooms as well as closing the air vents when she is not paying attention. I have the air vent completely wide open in my home office, so more high quality indoor air can pass through the ductwork as well as directly into my everything space. There still is not much air conditioning to be appreciated, however I am trying to collect every last molecule of high quality indoor air so that I can sleep at night. It’s all I can do. She either needs a HEPA filter replace, or a wonderful psychologist, to help her with her concerns.

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