Keeping neighbor kid occupied

Sometimes I really feel for the people who have made different decisions in their lives.

I look at people who are roughly my age and sit back with shock and awe.

They have completely different lifestyles than I’ve chosen for myself, and to be honest… It seems terrible. I’m rather happy with my chosen life, because I’m single, childless, and empowered to be selfish. When I look at other people who were born in the same year, it seems like they have been through decades of additional nonsense. That’s why I do my best to help my closest neighbors who have a family of three children. I know that they struggle to earn enough money to pay the bills and put food on the table. I’m also sure that the COVID outbreak didn’t help with their financial situation. I have heard them bickering over things like the energy bill and necessity for an indoor air quality control appointment recently. I didn’t want them to be more stressed out about the failing cooling system that they can’t afford to operate. I also didn’t think that having three kids hanging around all day was helping them with their stress levels or indoor air quality control. All day, I saw the children go in and out of the back door which released their volume of air conditioned indoor air directly into the atmosphere. When I was outside the other day, inspecting my own air conditioning system to see if it needed another professional maintenance appointment, I decided to help with one of their problems – childcare. I called their kids over to the yard and started describing how the central cooling system works. After an afternoon spent diagnosing my central cooling system, their mom looked relieved and I may have even created 3 little HVAC technicians.

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