Starting a nonprofit, AC is a part of my funding problem

I really hate to do this, but I’m going to have to start asking the people that I help to contribute some money.

  • For the past several years I’ve been running a free counseling program and community service for trauma sufferers online.

Everything was going very well with the online program… until told people started wanting to meet in real life. When we started having real life meetups, it was expensive for me to host the community very quickly. In the beginning, we would regularly meet outdoors and utilize natural ventilation for our community events. The problem began when the outdoor air temperature stopped cooperating with our air quality preferences and we had to move the entire event inside. Because I am the Community Master, everybody began meeting at my house. This means, we’re all relying on my central cooling system to stay comfortable. Unfortunately, it turns out that this is a lot more expensive than you might immediately anticipate. Whenever people come to my house, I make sure that I turn the air conditioning system down to a very low temperature. I want to provide adequate indoor air quality control for the comfort of all of my friends. Unfortunately, all of those extra hot bodies in my house makes me indoor air temperature climb very quickly. I have to keep adjusting my air conditioning system to a more powerful setting so that we can keep up with the increasing air temperature demands. Since I’ve begun these real-life meetings, my energy bill has been climbing through the roof. My air conditioning system has been enduring a lot more wear and tear and requiring more professional repair services. These days, I’m afraid to say that I need to ask for contributions just to cover the cost of cooling my community.

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