I can’t wait to use my air conditioning.

I bought a new air conditioning unit.

It wasn’t one of those that you buy by tonnage, but it was a window air conditioner that you pick by the amount of BTU’s.

I have a small efficiency apartment that has no air conditioning. It is so hot in there that I sleep on the floor because it is tile. I love my apartment, and it was amazing during the winter. The heating the owner has for her house is in a small room behind my apartment. The residual heat from their furnace keeps my apartment warm and cozy all winter long. Unfortunately, their air conditioning isn’t as efficient as far as my apartment is concerned. I knew I wasn’t going to make it through the entire summer if I didn’t have any air conditioning. I talked to my landlady and asked if I could put a window air conditioner into my apartment. She had no problem with my having a window air conditioning unit. She even offered to pay for it when she came downstairs. The minute she opened the door, she felt the heat coming from the room. She only asked if I would pay a few dollars extra for the added energy use. We picked out a cute little AC unit that fit into the transom window over the door. The entire apartment was cool for the rest of the summer. I couldn’t wait to use my air conditioner, and now I’m not even looking forward to winter. My air conditioner is keeping my apartment cool and free of humidity.


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