The room is 8 X 8; I need ductless HVAC.furnace

I keep complaining about the small room I have for my office. When the pandemic hit, I was forced to stay at home. I took over the smallest room in the house, so I could work from home. When I say this room is small, I mean it isn’t even big enough for a half bath. I doubt if it measures 8 X 8. We have never used the room for anything other than storage. There is no heating in the winter and it gets scorching hot in the summer. I told my husband that I wasn’t going to survive the pandemic unless I had some kind of heating and cooling in this room. He helped me to rip the cupboards and put down new carpeting. We hung new blinds up to the window. He said we could put ductwork into the room and force the heating and AC in, but it was an add-on room from the previous owner. It was going to mean a lot of construction and a lot of cost. I suggested we just get a ductless HVAC system for the room. My husband wasn’t so sure that was the right way to go. We sat down and talked about what it was going to cost for the ductwork, and what it would cost for the ductless HVAC. We also figured in how much work it would take to install ductwork versus how much time it would take to install ductless HVAC. Two hours later, we were looking on the internet so we could compare the different ductless HVAC units and find out which one would be best for my little room.

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