Trying a temporary apartment

Right now, I am living in a temporary apartment, little did I assume in our actual home, is that I was having a ton of bacteria living inside of our walls.

So much mold as well as bacteria, that is legitimately posing a risk to our health, i am now having our condo professionally cleaned, however it’s supposed to take awhile, as well as then even when they were done I was going to let our condo clear out for a little while, but anyways, since I can’t live in our own home, I chose to live in a furnished rental.

They have furnished apartments for rent, as well as it’s not our first time being here in temporary housing. A lot of short term rentals seem to have a month to month lease, which was perfect because I had only planned on staying for a month until our condo can be completely wash again. I have to admit, I have stayed in several corporate rentals in our afternoon, however this is absolutely one of the nicest I have tried yet. Admittedly, when I first saw how cheap this corporate suite was, I was a bit suspicious. After a bit of reading, everything seemed legit, so I decided to try it. I’m ecstatic I did, because they only had 2 available furnished rentals available left. I snatched it up quick, as well as now for the rest of this month I get to live in luxury, until our condo is completed. I’m legitimately going to miss this locale, I almost want to live here instead of our own home! So, I think I will appreciate the little time that I have left here before going back.

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