Sitting out in our car

Everyone in my family and myself entirely decided to get away for more than a few days last summer. All of the kids had been severely complaining about the Heat, and more than a few of my friends had mentioned a wonderful water park that was located about 3 hours from our house. Since my son had a super nice birthday coming up in the future, everyone of my friends and myself decided to spend more than a few days at this outdoor water park. Everyone of my friends were ready to go and geared up, when we left the house at more than 8 in the morning. It wasn’t entirely long drive, and the kids complained the entire way. By the time we arrived to the water park, it was pouring down rain outside. The rain was coming down severely, and the temperatures had dropped by almost 20 degrees. The kids didn’t seem to be very interested in going to the waterpark any longer, but they wanted to sit in the car where the furnace was running and the car was warm. Outside, the temperatures were so cold that no one wanted to swim. We decided to forgo the water park and went to an indoor area where the furnace could keep us warm. The furnace in that area kept us comfortable outside. Everyone in my family and I decided to attend the waterpark a few weeks later, when the weather was much nicer and much warmer. There was no reason to worry about a furnace at that time.