I need some time before deciding to have another baby

After my fiance & I had a baby together, I was so thankful when we finally got into the groove of things.

It was actually difficult taking care of a newborn baby, but now our baby is older & so much easier to take care of! Sure, she is demanding but we give her plenty of attention & everything she needs! One of the things I felt she needed was nice air quality in the house, that’s why I invested in a quality UV air purification system.

I went for the UV air purification plan because of the fact that the UV light kills harmful contagions. I know that it works fantastic because our baby has never been sick to date! I don’t want to jinx it or anything, however she is harshly healthy. I also made sure to have the HVAC duct cleaned to ensure excellent air quality in the home & no risk of breathing in mold or mildew. Well, the other afternoon my fiance was saying that we should have another baby. I just looked at her in shock; Both of us had enough on our hands with our little baby girl, I couldn’t even imagine having to take care of two youngsters along with a single being another newborn. That was actually challenging taking care of our baby when she was newly born, & I’m not sure if I can go through with that again! My fiance seems legitimately adamant about having another baby though, so I am going to have to take some time to actually suppose about this.


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