I’m cheerful my fiance was okay with us getting a real fireplace

I have worked from home for a few years, & I actually love it, but something that I was cheerful about was when my fiance bought me a faux fireplace for my living room; Even though it’s not a real fireplace, it has added ambience to my office & it makes it easier for me to work.

Watching those flames really relaxes me however I believe the flames aren’t real; After a little while of using the faux fireplace, I told my fiance that I wished we could get a real fireplace in our home.

She said the magic words to me, “Why not?” I thought if she was cool with it, after that I could go to a masonry venue & look at real fireplaces together. So we made some time to go & we saw all kinds of lovely fireplaces that would look fantastic in our dining room. Eventually, we found the perfect fireplace & it was really on sale. So we opted for this a single & before we knew it, we had the up-to-date fireplace installed in our dining room. The real fireplace has been so nice & I often find myself doing my labor in the dining room now because I love being in front of the fireplace so much. I still labor in my living room also, but that faux fireplace furnace is nowhere close to being as nice as the real fireplace. I’m so cheerful that my fiance was okay that we got a real fireplace & we love to spend time together in front of it while cuddling & relaxing. Both of us often watch movies & TV shows together with the fireplace going, & it’s fantastic!

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