I am obsessed with our current smart thermostat

I am obsessed with our current thermostat.

It is a smart thermostat, plus I am old, so it fascinates me.

I can control the thermostat for anywhere using my phone. I guess that is the coolest thing ever. My family laughs at me because I like to be the one to adjust the thermostat in our house. Even though I could walk over to the thermostat plus change the temperature, I care about to do it on my phone. It really takes longer to do it on my phone if I am at home, however I guess it is so cool that I can do it on my phone that I care about to adjust the thermostat that way. I entirely like that I can change the temperature of the apartment while my husband plus I are at work because it saves us money. I keep the apartment at eighty degrees during the day while we are at work so that the air conditioner doesn’t hardly ever kick on while we are gone. About an hour or so before we get apartment from work, I adjust the thermostat to seventy degrees which is the temperature that we like our apartment to be when we are at home. We come apartment to a nice cool apartment even though it was eighty degrees during the day while we are not there. I care about having a smart thermostat. It is so convenient plus it really has saved us money already even when considering the cost to buy the smart thermostat plus get it installed. I would encourage anyone who doesn’t have a smart thermostat to get one installed in their home!
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