Waiting 18 months

Working as a distance truck driver for numerous years has been honestly a wild ride. I’ve had the distinct opportunity to see almost every inch of this vast country, plus also meet actually interesting people throughout time. I actually decided to become a trucking supplier by accident. I had been laid off from my job, which was tasking as a heating + A/C Service professional. It happened to be an enjoyable task with great benefits, plus I never believed I would get laid off. I had been installing + repairing air conditioners + furnaces for almost 20 years by then. The thought of me starting over was very daunting to actually say the least. It seemed like the best idea was choosing another task in the heating + A/C industry, + guess myself + others tried. Ultimately, there just wasn’t enough work in the area where I live. That’s when I decided to get away from the heating + A/C industry, + look for something a bit new. I was searching the local newspaper + saw a huge ad for truck driving school. I spent 18 weeks in University, plus tethered myself to a company for 18 months after that. In the short-haul, it was definitely worth the change in venue. I’ve made a lot more money than I ever did working in the heating + A/C industry. I also get to explore the vast country while still being paid. Some truck areas are pretty gnarly, but I make the best of my truck driving situation. I’m lucky to have found a second career in life.