Ceiling fans reduce workload of furnace

I like to clean my house thoroughly, from top to bottom, in the fall. I know that as soon as the weather cools off and the snow arrives, my family will be trapped inside for a minimum of six months with the furnace blasting. I feel better after making sure the house is as clean and healthy as possible. I steam clean the carpets, launder all the linens, scrub the windows and clean behind furniture. I also set up the ladder and clean all of the overhead light fixtures and get rid of any cobwebs in the upper corners. This past September, when I climbed up on the ladder, I realized that the temperature was much higher up near the ceiling. It occurred to me that when my furnace blows heated air into the rooms, it certainly rises straight up. Warm air naturally rises and only drops back down once it has cooled. With the lowest temperatures in the room down near the floor, it’s necessary to set a higher thermostat setting. This causes greater demands on the furnace and leads to higher monthly bills. I did a little research into the problem and read up on potential solutions. I decided to install ceiling fans in several rooms. I discovered that ceiling fans come in a wide range of sizes, prices and styles. I was able to choose a ceiling fan to perfectly match decor and handle the installation with a little help from my oldest son. The ceiling fans have significantly improved comfort year round. During the summer, the fans help to push the heated air up and out, making the room feel cooler. In the summer, we reverse the rotation of the blades to push the heat downward. I’ve been able to set the thermostat to a lower setting and reduce wear and tear on the furnace.

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