A long day at work

I think that today was one of the worst days of work in my entire career.

While it’s true that I have only been working in a full time position for two years, I don’t see how another day could surpass this one.

It all started early in the morning while I was on my way to a clients home in my HVAC truck. As soon as I pulled into their driveway and started to gather all of the tools I would need to take care of the HVAC system their 100 pound dog came around the corner and jumped on me! In the hopes of not making this mammoth of a dog angry I tried to act as calm as possible while he had me pinned on the ground. Before getting off of me the dog ended up relieving himself on me, which was nasty and left me smelling like a mound of smelly garbage before I even finished my morning. Instead of the dog owners apologising to me for how terribly their dog had behaved, they instead made a rude comment to me about how bad I smelled before pointing me toward the direction of where the HVAC system was. I don’t know much but I can tell you this, you don’t know misery until you have spent six hours installing a delicate HVAC system while smelling like dog urine. I always knew that working in the HVAC industry would never be a glamorous job like some people make it out to be, but oh man was that terrible.
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